behind the scenes at Automait

Our Vision

The AUTOMAIT vision is to enable businesses of all sizes – and business people of all competencies – to automate and digitize their core business processes and customer journeys in the most user-friendly and cost-efficient way possible. That’s why we’ve created AUTOMAIT – a no-code automation platform for business users.

And Mission

As such, our mission is to deliver the most user-friendly automation platform in the market, where everything is drag-and-drop. No need to make automating and digitizing business processes more complex and costly than need be.



Mikkel Toftlund

Founder & ceo

Mikkel has extensive experience within the field of business process management and automation. Before founding AUTOMAIT, Mikkel has headed large scale optimization and automation programmes from the business side. Later on and on the IT side, Mikkel has headed a digital process and automation enterprise department.

Claus Hansen

chief technology officer

Claus has extensive experience within the field of business process management and optimization. He has headed and worked on many large and small scale digitization and automation projects throughout his career, and holds a degree in IT.


Palle Toftlund

cdo cambio healthcare

Palle has been in the IT industri for +25 years and has extensive experience in developing and managing large scale IT development programmes. Currently, he is the Chief Development Officer of CAMBIO Healthcare Systems Denmark and has previously held the same position within CSC. 

Lars Gantzel

ceo danspin a/s

Lars is an experienced industry CEO, Board Member and investor. Lars is the CEO of yarn production company Danspin A/S and an active investor in large and small companies through his investment company.

Carsten Gerner

pro. board member

Carsten is a former CEO of PwC in Denmark and nowadays he serves as a professional board member, actively advising several boards from both large corporations as well as small companies in Denmark.

Erwin Tøt

pro. board member

Erwin is a former Executive Vice President of Danske Bank, with responsibility of managing some of the largest corporate clients for the bank. Former CEO and currently partner of Law Firm Kirk Larsen & Ascanius as well as professional board member.

Morten Hjelholt

associate professor, itu

Morten is en experienced expert within the scientific research field of digitization and how humans interact with digital capabilities and technologies. He is an assistant professor at the IT University in Denmark.

The AUTOMAIT platform

+10 product teams

The AUTOMAIT platform is developed and maintained by more than 10 product teams, each carefully maintaining and developing their specific module of the platform.

+8 security modules

The AUTOMAIT platform is protected by the latest security technology, including Encryption, Web Application Firewalls, Log in Masking, IP Lockout, 24/7 Surveillance and Scanning, 2 factor Authentication and Brute Force Protection.

+100 support articles

Your subscription to the AUTOMAIT platform comes with access to all the information you need to start automating your own workflows and create seamless customer journeys.

live chat

Included in your subscription is also live chat (within business hours, 8-16 CET). We work alongside you to help you get the most out of your AUTOMAIT platform.

Would you like to AUTOMAIT your business?

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