Can you build an automated workflow application in 15 minutes...?

(Yes, with AUTOMAIT you can. And in this webinar we show you how)

Join us for this automation webinar

Time & day:
Thursday, June 17th

In this 45 minute webinar we demonstrate how to – rapidly – build a  sophisticated automated workflow, including

  • A self-service customer portal
  • Intelligent data capture form
  • Automated workflows between 3 actors
  • Designing and building the operational User Interfaces for the organization

During the webinar you will have the opportunity to ask questions all along. We try to answer all questions to the best of our ability. 

For this webinar we will be utilizing the CORE plan which means you will see a live demonstration of the modules: Form Designer, Flow Designer and UI Designer as well as the User Management module.

We’re looking forward to seeing you there. Sign up using the form.

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