With The Decision Manager You Get A Powerful Decision Engine For Automating Your Business Decisions + A Sophisticated Reporting And Analytics Module

Automate Decisions By Formulas

Connect to all your workflow data and use the powerful Formula Editor to set up automated decision logic for your business decisions. You can connect to any or all of your data fields in your workflow and set up automated calculation logic using all relevant math factors.

Create and display reporting

Choose from 50+ chart layouts from 3 different rendering engines (Google Charts, Highcharts and Chart.js) to perfect your report building. Easily display your reports to anyone by embedding it with the UI Designer and allowing select or all users access to the reporting


Rules Engine

With the DECISION MANAGER you can access all data stored in your AUTOMAIT platform. On top of the data you can create advanced rules and calculation formulas to automate your business decisions.

Metrics and KPI's

Create advanced tables and charts easily, to track your key performance indicators and business metrics. Create tables and reports and display them instantly to select users.

Table Creation

Tables, charts and reports can be created to utilize the data in your BPM applications. But data may also be collected from various other sources such as manual input via spreadsheet or CSV file.

Advanced Filters

This setting enables or disables the per-column filters that can appear in the table header, footer, or in a form above the table. If this setting is enabled, you can configure filters per column.

Filters In Forms

(Appears if ‘Advanced column filters’ is turned on) – If this setting is enabled, the filter will appear in a form above the table, and will not be integrated in the table itself (the default condition).

Sorting Options

This setting defines whether sorting will work for the table globally. If sorting is enabled, you can still disable sorting for individual columns. If it is disabled, no columns will be sortable.

Clear Filters

If this setting is enabled, a ‘Clear filters’ button will be added in the Table Tools block, or in the filtering form, for the best possible user experience.

Search Block

This setting defines whether the ‘global’ search block, which searches the entire table, will appear on the top right above the table.

Allow User Edits

This tab enables or disables front-end editing for the table. Enabled, your users can edit data from their UI. If it is disabled, no other controls will be visible on this tab.

Pop-over Edit

If the ‘Popover edit block’ switch is enabled, a popover with editing tools will appear above any row when you click it.

Inline Editing

If this switch is enabled, you will be able to edit the table not only with a popup editor, but also by double-clicking any cell.

13 Column Types

The DECISION MANAGER module holds 13 different column types, including string, integer, float, date, time, image, email, URL etc.