Auto Publish To Facebook

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Auto Publishing to Facebook #

You can auto-publish your posts on Facebook accounts, own pages, admin groups, and member groups using the SoMe Publisher. To share on Facebook, you need to add your accounts to the publisher. There are two methods for adding a Facebook account, and we need to decide which method is proper for our usage.
1. The app method lets you share your posts on your own pages and admin groups. Facebook’s official API is integrated into the SoMe Publisher, and it is called ‘FS Poster Standard App’. That means you do not need to take any action to deal with Facebook to create an APP. However, if you would like to use your own App, you can create and integrate your Personal App into the plugin;
2. The cookie method lets you share your posts on your account and member groups as well besides of your own pages and admin groups;

After adding your account, you just need to publish your post. The publisher will share the post automatically. You can also schedule your previously published posts.