Getting Started With Views

Getting Started: Choosing a Form and a View Layout #

We will start by clicking on the New View button in the “Views” section in the Dashboard.

After having done so, you will see this screen, where you need to name the View and select which View type, you’d like to use (either a Table view or a Listing view. The selection can be changed at anytime). 

Next, we need to define the source of information we will use to start designing our View. There are two ways to create a View: Use a Form Preset or use an existing form as the data source for our View.

1) Use a Form Preset #

When choosing this option, it means you will use a View preset form instead of an existing form from your Forms. When you save the View, a new form will be created for you in the Form Designer. The created form will include all the fields you need for each preset purpose:

2) Choosing a layout for an existing form #

If you decide to “use an existing form” to pull information from in order to design your View you will need to select a layout from one of those below:

The Table View and the Listing View are the default View layouts. The most common case is to use an existing form, since your existing forms will also be the forms that form the basis of your automated workflows.