Invite New Users

The Invite Users section allows you to invite users to join your AUTOMAIT platform, to either work on automations or participate in workflows.

The Add New (Users) section consists of a one element and  almost introduces itself. Simply invite users to sign up on your platform by giving them a username and adding their email address as well as selecting the initial role for them to be registered with. Once you click ‘Add New User’, the invitee will now receive a link to register on your AUTOMAIT platform.

Another way to easily onboard users (and in bulk) is to use the User registration template that is at the Frontpage of your AUTOMAIT platform, as default (you can change this anyway you like, of course). In the UI Designer / Pages, simply click ‘View’ to find the URL for the Frontpage (where the user registration form is located, as default):

In this example, you will see the URL: (in your case, the ‘demo’ will as default be the URL you signed up with, usually your company name).

To invite users to sign up for your AUTOMAIT platform, simply copy/paste this URL into your email client, and send the link to the users you’d like to invite. That way the users can register themselves, and you can change their roles to the necessary roles afterwards.