Main Elements Of The UI Designer

Table of Contents

The AUTOMAIT UI Designer uses three main building blocks: SectionsColumns, and Widgets. Sections are the largest building blocks, and inside them are groups of ColumnsColumns sit inside of Sections and are used to house the WidgetsWidgets are placed inside of Columns.

section handle

You control the SectionColumn, and Widgets with their handle.

Editing #

To edit the SectionColumn, or WidgetRight Click their handle. 

Section #

  1. Click the  icon to create a Section, or click the  icon to use a pre-designed Page or Block from our library
  2. Set your Column structure 
  3. Right click to Edit, Duplicate, Copy, Delete etc. 
  4. Use the Section handle to: add a section, drag a section, or delete.

Column #

  1. Set the Columns Width. You can do it under Layout, or drag the dashed line between the Columns.
  2. To add more Columns Right Click > Add New Column
  3. Insert Widgets to your Columns

Widget #

  1. Insert Widgets inside your Columns
  2. A Widget width is set by the Column width