Marketing Automation with the Relationship Manager. The Relationship Manager Is A Combined CRM system & Email Marketing Suite plus Social Media Auto-publishing

Templates for Email Marketing

Email marketing is recognized as the most effective way of online marketing. Set up great looking templates to run effective email marketing campaigns, and send out 1000's of emails to your audience using the Relationship Manager

Use Powerful Automations

Set up powerful automations to put your email marketing activities on autopilot. Include your email templates in your automations. Segment, schedule and automatically apply tags to your leads, cancel automations based on conditions and much more

Autopublish to 13 Social Medias

Create great content and auto-publish it to 13 different social medias. Share directly or schedule your content to appear when timing is just right. Connect as many SoMe accounts as you need to your social medias: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Google My Business and more


Email Campaigns

Email marketing offers the highest ROI. And with the Relationship Manager, you will be able to manage mass email campaigns for greater conversion rates.

360 Overview

A robust customer data platform is vital to creating a successful marketing campaign. Whether it’s a glance over a customer’s profile or tracking their history with you.

Email List Mgmt

A well-sorted email list management platform is instrumental in building a successful email marketing campaign.

Email Sequences

Don’t waste your time creating email funnels every time you have a new contact. With AUTOMAIT, you’ll have a universal contact on-boarding option. Never miss out on a contact conversion again.

Sales Funnel

You want to turn your subscribers into paying customers and sell more products to the existing ones. The Relationship Manager will help you do that with Sales Funnel Automation.


Reports and analytics are crucial to implementing an effective marketing campaign. The Relationship Manager presents neat analytics of your every campaign, funnel, sequences etc.