Live Sprint &
custom Development

Live Sprint

Live Sprint is AUTOMAIT's take on the appraised Google Design Sprint. We call it 'Live' because, unlike most other Sprint Design concepts, we build a Go Live application with you in ONE SPRINT PERIOD! One sprint period is typically 1-3 weeks, depending mostly on how advanced you are in your design thinking for the new process.

To do this, the AUTOMAIT team joins forces with your organization to design, develop and deploy a live user application including automated workflows. During the sprint we will work alongside you to analyze and understand the business processes and of course, to develop and deploy them on the AUTOMAIT platform. At the same time we will involve people from your organization in the development, so they can learn hands on how to master the platform.

The aim of the sprint is to have a Go Live automated process application ready at the end of the period, with actual users (your colleagues and/or customers) using it.

We know it sounds crazy to be able to build and deploy a sophisticated automation app in just A FEW WEEKS - but that's how powerful the AUTOMAIT platform is.

Custom Development

Even though we like to believe that we’ve thought of everything, chances are…we probably haven’t. Should you require a feature that isn’t currently supported in one of the AUTOMAIT business automation modules, we’d like to hear from you. Most feature requests can be solved and delivered in your platform within a matter of days or weeks. Our Custom Development services extend to all of our modules, allowing you to have the custom functionality your organization needs in order to gain the most from your automation efforts. Feel free to submit a question or request by clicking the button below.