With The UI Designer You Get A State Of The Art Web Design Tool. Easily Build Elegant Customer Portals And User Interfaces

Advanced Settings To Customize

For any widget, you can easily customize everything, from links, color, shape, width, height, text color, font, font size, border and border radius, margins, padding and so much more. Simply use the Settings Tabs Content, Style and Advanced

Choose from 80 + widgets

The UI Designer comes with 80+ widgets with which you can build practically anything your heart desires. Choose from Headings, Paragraphs, Tabs, Video embeds, Icons, Spacers And the Specific AUTOMAIT widgets Forms and Decision Manager Widgets Tables & Charts

Use the Navigator to move blocks

With the Navigator you can easily move around entire pieces of content and layouts. Simply open the Navigator and you'll have a complete overview of the elements in your design. Click and drag to move each element into the needed order


Ease of use

No coding skills? No web-design experience? No problem! Our innovative visual builder empowers any user to create awesome, modern websites.

Real Time Editing

No more disjointed experience, build and edit everything right in front of your eyes. Build engaging user interfaces and customer areas.

Drag And Drop

Arrange and move anything you see on screen with a simple motion of your cursor. Everything in the AUTOMAIT platform is drag and drop.

Many Tools

Sliders, Tabs, Buttons, Swithcers and many more elements are just a few of the premium tools included inn the UI DESIGNER.

Cool Pop-Ups

With UI DESIGNER, you can create and display pop-ups right in the User Interface. Automate the pop-ups with easy-to-use triggers.

Great UI's

Use headers and footers across all pages to build a perfectly working and user friendly workflow platform for your organization.

Editing Tools

Copy and paste content from within the same page or other. Works with styles too. Go back to a previous design step with undo/redo.

Role Manager

Allow or restrict the levels of access users can have when developing your AUTOMAIT apps. Involve the right people safe and securely.

Save & Shortcuts

Quickly access shortcuts and selection tools with just a right click on your mouse button. Easily save drafts of your work along the way.